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From scratch in the ‘Sip…

Remember the homemade scratch biscuits that your grandmother made? Now remember those same biscuits with ingredients like sprinkles, peaches, blueberries, and chocolate chips baked inside. Those are the delicious items that you can find at Starkville’s infamous new local food destination The Biscuit Shop.

I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the shop to photograph the entire process as well as some of the amazing products for an article in the summer issue of The ‘Sip Magazine.


**Note: I apologize for the annoying watermarks on all of the images. Lately I have had issues with photographs being used without permission so I am going this route until I find a better solution. Sorry!

I was somewhat familiar with owner Michelle Tehan’s story and how her passion for baking biscuits quickly grew from word of mouth to social media to farmers’ market, and now into a brick and mortar storefront. I feel like her story is a perfect example of modern day entrepreneurship. While I was already impressed by her passion, I was absolutely blown away by her work ethic and energy.

Michelle wakes up before the rooster every day and hand-mixes around 1,000 biscuits every single day. She uses a Mason jar to personally cut out every single biscuit herself for her customers that come out in droves every single day. While biscuits may seem relatively simple – flour, sugar, milk, etc. – the amount of hard work that goes into creating the Biscuit Shop’s unique creations is astounding.

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This photoshoot took place in the original location in a small historic house on Jackson Street (The shop has recently moved to a new location in Downtown Starkville at 104 South Washington Street). The tiny kitchen area was a flurry of constant activity and organized chaos. While Tehan mixes and cuts the next batch of biscuits, her staff is baking, glazing, and getting the fresh batch on the shelves all while greeting the long lines of customers with a smile.

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Since the biscuits fly off the shelves so quickly, customers constantly monitor social media for the most recent “Shelfie” to see what fresh flavors are available.

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The shop’s bestseller (and my personal favorite) is the Sprinkle Biscuit. This fun flavor is not just for breakfast. This is quickly becoming a common offering at birthday parties and other events around Starkville.

As soon as I was asked to photograph The Biscuit Shop, I immediately visualized this photograph. I could not wait to photograph the Sprinkle Biscuit with a background of bright, colorful sprinkles. I was glad to make this idea come to life. This was one of my favorites from the photoshoot.

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The Blueberry Biscuit is also a favorite. This was also a fun one to shoot. I wanted to showcase the signature ingredient alongside the finished product.

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The classic Buttermilk Biscuit was photographed in a way to mimic a Mississippi picnic with fresh jam.

The Sip Magazine The Biscuit Shop 8The Biscuit Shop is very active on social media so check it out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also pick up the summer issue of The ‘Sip to read more about The Biscuit Shop and other amazing stories from around Mississippi. Finally, I have added some of my favorite images from this shoot to my Food Photography gallery so take a look! A special thanks to Michelle Tehan for allowing me to take a glimpse into the amazing world of your shop!!