Jeremy Murdock

Jeremy Murdock

As a self-taught photographer, I continue to learn and refine my craft, and I constantly look for new ways to showcase the unique stories and people of Mississippi. Although I have been around cameras and taken pictures my entire life, I made the leap into photography around 2007. Since then, I have been hooked, and the hobby has quickly grown into an obsession.

Originally I used photography as a way to capture, preserve, and highlight the unique people, places, and stories that I encountered throughout the state of Mississippi. The Mississippi Delta provides a unique sense of inspiration through the people, history, and culture of the region as well as through the impact of the Blues. I strive to preserve the unique places and features of the Delta, many of which are quickly fading away, through my photography. I hope that my photography will inspire you to learn more about that region as well as the entire state.

My passion is within my fine art work, which now exclusively focuses on Mississippi, mostly the Mississippi Delta. I am a regular artisan at the Cotton District Arts Festival in Starkville, Mississippi, and I have won numerous awards through the annual Juried Art Competition. I have also been fortunate enough to have had my photography appear in American Way Magazine, The ‘Sip, and, as well as numerous tourism publications in Starkville.

Motivated by volunteer work in my home community of Starkville and the birth of my child, I began to venture into commercial and portrait photography. Although my true love is fine art photography, I use the same passion to document the unique people, places, and stories of Mississippi through my commercial work. Whether I am photographing an event, a local business, or my child, I attempt to capture the unique features that others often miss and to display the subject in a unique way.

I would love to share my work with you, so please contact me with any questions regarding my fine art, editorial, or commercial photography.