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The Mississippi Delta is a very special place with unique stories, people, and places. One of the most noticeable features in the vast Delta landscape is the large number of small, rural churches. The structures seemingly grow out of the same rich soil as the bountiful crops of the Delta farmland. As the soil nourishes and grows the crops, these churches nourish souls and help attendees grow spiritually. These traditional white wooden structures with steeples aiming upward are constant reminders of the strong faith that exists across the region. The Delta has seen a variety of struggles throughout its history, but the faith and hope of the people remain strong. Each of the hundreds of churches appears oddly similar, but at the same time, each is totally unique. The “Agri/Culture of Faith” series is an attempt to document these unique places of worship across the Delta. This series highlights the culture of faith that exists in the agriculturally rich region.